It's late, your surfing because you can't sleep and you decide to look up things on the search engines to past the time until you get sleepy. Then you remember a car that you think is called a Buick Roadhawk and this is one of the few listing results.
The Buick Roadhawk was actually an optional add-on package for the Buick Skyhawk. It was offered for only two years, 1979 and 1980. When Skyhawk buyers checked off Y43 (RPO code) or "Roadhawk Package Option" special interior/exterior colors, body accents and suspension handling enhancements were included in the build. This special package for the Buick Roadhawk cost $675 to add in 1979 and $695 in 1980.Buick Roadhawk History is rather short given they wereonly produced for two production years.
The Buick Roadhawkis truly one of the rarest specialty GM H-body cars. According to Bryan McCready, a respected General Motors H-body authority and collector, there were only 450 made in 1979 and 1000 in 1990. According to McCready's registry, there are only a handful of those 1450 still in existence.
Those who may remember this special edition Buick Roadhawk may recallthe special oyster colored interior and the seats with the hawk embroidered into the headrests, the special fiberglass add-on panels that gave the Skyhawk a markedly different appearance with the rear deck spoiler, the special wheels and wider tires, blacked out trim and front air dam. The silver metallic color with the darker charcoal striping and red pinstriping accents helped this special Skyhawk really standout.

Collecting one of these rare Buick "birds" will present some real challenges. First, because there were so few Buick Roadhawks made and so few being collected, there will not be as much remanufacturing, replacement or replica manufacturing support available as for other collectible car lines. Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros and other GM muscle cars have many more options when replacing and or restoring. I speak from a bit of first-hand experience as you will learn when you read My Buick Roadhawks.

One particularly difficult issue is the Buick Roadhawk's front air dam. I have never seen one up close in person, I am told that the plastic would get brittle over time and break into pieces. The car designers may or may not have considered parking stops and of course who could have predicted the proliferation of speed bumps and such that I am sure claimed a few of these spoilers. Bryan McCready is trying to put together a mold for this front air dam.
If you are not discouraged and want to restore and or collecta Buick Roadhawk,then I strongly recommend getting in touch with McCready who has been tracking all Roadhawks and their owners. I have always found him to be a willing and invaluable resource.
Though restoring a Buick Roadhawk or any classic car can have its challenges, there are rewards for those who are well funded, have the time and manage to achieve any level of success. Being able to photograph your project car and show it off is all part of the payoff. We have included photos of Buick Roadhawks made available by many such proud owners. We are grateful to have these pictures available since there are only so many publicity and ad photos produced for GM and the Buick Division.
I must confess that I have not been as diligent in offering photos of my two Buick Roadhawks. My two really represents a project to combine two Roadhawks into one with a 231 -V6 and a manual five speed, which would be truly a rare example. Perhaps onlytwo others might exist according to McCready's registry.
Of course, there are other special edition GM H-body cars to find, restore and collect. In addition to the Buick Roadhawk, there is a Chevy Monza Spyder, Chevy Monza Mirage, Olds Starfire Firenza, Pontiac Sunbird Formula. And of course the Buick Roadhawk was not the only special edition Skyhawk. There was the "Night Hawk" and the "Free Spirit" and many more than we can list in this article.
You may also want to bookmark our links page as it may contain listings to a forum or special site related to collecting and restoring Buick Roadhawks or any of the other GM H-body classic cars.
Whether or not the Buick Roadhawk will be considered a classic car is hard to say. To those who collect them, the Buick Roadhawk isa classic car design but outside this group their is a debate similar to whether a sports figure should or should not be in the hall of fame. Let the debate continue, we think the Buick Roadhawk design is classic.

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